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I love this place. It has super cool rigs and equipment that no other big box gym has but most importantly is has educated, dedicated trainers who get to know your body and take you to new heights for less than a trainer at a brand name gym. Also, no crowds or sweaty machines!

5 Star Fitness

Robert H.
Aurora, Ontario

Accelerate Your Fitness Goals

Blood Sweat Train gives you direct access to Newmarket’s top personal trainers at one of the York Region’s largest private training facilities.

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Personal Training in Action

Our personal trainers thrive on the one-on-one attention they will give you. By connecting with you and understanding your fitness goals, you are far more likely to succeed!

In Person Training Consultation

Our First Step is to Get to Know You!

We begin every training program with a free 1 hour consultation.

During this consultation we will ask you questions regarding your training history, health history and what you are looking to achieve by hiring us as your personal trainers.

Once we have this information we will take you out onto the floor and lead you through a movement screening assessment. 

This assessment is different for everyone and will reflect your history and the goals we discussed.

Client Testimonials

It’s a great place to train and has been a godsend! The trainers are world class, efficient and have contoured programs to fit my specific goals. The space is large, very clean with every piece of fitness equipment you can imagine. They have EVERYTHING you need! It’s one of the best workout spaces I’ve used! It’s a warm and friendly environment, everyone is kind and leave you feeling amazing about your workout experience, on top of helping you achieve fitness goals.

5 Star Fitness

Tenika D.
Newmarket, Ontario

This gym has changed my life. I am stronger than I have ever been. I have a back injury and Ruben has customized a plan to strengthen my back and caters the exercises to my needs and it has also improved my tennis game-that’s a WIN WIN. Lia has also guided me in my weight loss journey and I’m seeing results! All of the trainers are incredible and they motivate you to do your best and more. This is an incredible place, it’s never too late to start working out and this is the place to do it! It is a very supportive place and I would recommend it to everyone!

5 Star Fitness

Stacey S.
Newmarket, Ontario

How Can Personal Training Help You?

No matter what your fitness goals are, hiring a personal trainer from Blood Sweat Train in Newmarket will help you reach and exceed them.

We hold fitness education in high regard and we apply this knowledge to help you best. This is precisely the purpose of a personal trainer, and why it can be so valuable in helping you achieve a happier, healthier life.​

With private 1-on-1 training and advice, we can help you integrate physical fitness into your daily routine, and reduce the risk of injury.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders (no pun intended) and create a personalized program so all you need to do is show up and work!

Our certified personal trainers have completed courses and engage in continuing education to be able to offer you the most up-to-date advice and tactics to improve your overall wellbeing.

With the help of BST, you can learn to take your fitness seriously by training just like a pro athlete. We’ll help you to instil focus, discipline, intention, and we will be there every step of the way.

Blood Sweat Train Newmarket

At Blood Sweat Train our mission is to bring out the athlete in all of our clients and members. This doesn’t mean training people for sports, it means helping our clients find their own passion and desire to move their bodies. It means teaching them how to not only workout but how to fuel their bodies, recover and hydrate in order to show up every day for themselves and their families. We want to create a culture where people feel comfortable to push past their limits and optimize their health

Lia Foster, Co-Founder of Blood Sweat Train, Newmarket, Ontario

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Bring Out the Athlete In You

Complete fitness education and personal training starts with a simple request, message us to get started! Join the family!

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