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Pros & Cons of Online Workout Programs

Online workout programs have become increasingly popular over the years. In a world where information is available at our fingertips, we ultimately have access to workout programs of all shapes and sizes.

Online workout programs are great and have opened the world of exercise to more people than ever before, but are they right for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons below!



Online workout programs prove to be one of the most convenient ways of implementing exercise into your lifestyle. They’re easy to find, follow, and execute on your own, without help necessary.

Endless Variety

The programs available online vary in range, from low impact to HIIT, strength training to yoga. There’s something for everyone, and something for every type of mood you are in. Don’t feel like lifting? Opt for a low impact Pilates workout. Looking for something a little more intense? Try a follow-along circuit training session.

Access to celebrity trainers / professionals

Another great aspect of online workout programs is that it gives you the opportunity to workout with celebrity trainers and professionals without breaking the bank.

Allows for flexibility

When training in person, sessions are often booked in advance and can be tough to reschedule based on your trainer’s availability.  Online workout problems are great for this because you can do them anywhere, at anytime, and don’t have to worry about an expensive cancellation fee.

Creates structure

We’ve all had days where we walk into the gym without a plan of action and end up having an unfulfilling workout. Having an online workout program to guide you in the gym can not only give your workouts better structure, but also make your gym time more productive.

More money in your wallet

Let’s face it, working out with a trainer isn’t in everyone’s budget, which makes an online workout program a much more desirable option. These programs are often more affordable, leaving you with more money in your wallet.


No exercise is customized

One of the downsides for online workout programs is that they are often created for the ‘general public’, and not customized to your personal needs. Say you have a shoulder injury, or specific needs correlated to your build, online workout programs may not work for you because they don’t give you the care and attention your body needs. Everyone’s structure is different, and the structure of something dictates it’s function! We all deserve to have exercise customized for our own individual needs.

No one to push you

Being able to push yourself through a workout, and consistently doing so is something most of us are not good at. This is why so many people opt for 1-on-1 training because they need that little voice in their ear pushing them, which is something you don’t get with online workout programs.

No accountability

Having scheduled time or appointment with an exercise professional who is guaranteed to keep you accountable is something that online workout programs do not offer.

Higher chance of becoming stagnant

With online workout programs, reps and sets aren’t adjusted for contestant growth, which can lead you to feeling stagnant in your workouts. Without the right guidance and / or knowledge of progressive overload, it’s unlikely you will continue to progress past a certain point because the program won’t allow for it.

Lack of guidance

Another downside to online workout programs is there is generally a lack of guidance when it comes to technique, tempo, and overall exercise understanding / execution. This is where 1-on-1 training is more desirable because you have someone guiding you through each move and adjusting where needed.

Not inclusive to your environment

Online workout programs don’t always consider the type of space and equipment you have, which can ultimately make the workouts less effective if you have to make substitutions. Working out with a trainer solves this problem because gyms have all the equipment you will ever need, allowing you to live out your full potential.

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